Buying a Used Mobile in Pakistan

  • buying used mobile in Pakistan

Are you looking to buy used mobile in Pakistan?
If answer is ‘Yes’ then read this information carefully

  • Make a price range in your mind. Search on Google for your favorite brand and model. In the market now a days loads of variety available from genuine to copies. Even in copies there is variety called ‘ good copy ‘ ,’very good copy’ etc.
  • If you like any mobile and that is in your range too, make sure you know all major specification of that mobile. The reason is, some used mobile are tempered and it is likely not to have original specs.
  • There are two major competitors in market Android and Apple . No matter what brand you going to purchase you should know what software version that mobile should have. You will have to see the version before you buy
  • Genuine mobile obvious authentication can be tested by looking at its camera results. You will not believe camera result is something which cannot be replaced or tempered.
  • Korean mobiles, a very interesting debate in the market now days. A common man cannot differentiate between an original and Korean copy. To our knowledge there is nothing like Korean they all coming from China with varieties of copies. There are certain chips available in market which can change software/hardware version of mobile. So how you know about originality? We would suggest you to take some technical person with you while purchasing a used mobile particularly from a shopkeeper.
  • Try to avoid buying mobile from shopkeeper, rather buy from someone who selling it directly after using for him/herself. This practice would save so many uncertainties
  • Buying a used mobile in Pakistan is always a tricky part. But with a little research and common sense we can buy a good deal.


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