Samsung Return’ Galaxy S7; The Battle with iPhone Lingers

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With Samsung Liftoffs Galaxy S7 and 360-Degree Camera

Samsung virtula 360 degree camera - ClickOB

The battle between Apple and Samsung is no hidden or veiled truth; we all know it’s an open rivalry. Taking dominance over Apple, Samsung unveiled Galaxy S7 in most recent Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, on Sunday.

As witnessed, Apple had taken over the market after the unexpected failure of Samsung Galaxy S6, and Samsung had to strive hard to back on the seat and this big bang launch was a must-required effort. Without that, Samsung perhaps was unable to get even a little market share (let’s be realistic).

But this was beyond expectations. 5the features, the shapes, the colors and what not. Samsung Galaxy made a good come back undeniably.

In an interview by Jean-Daniel Ayme, VP-European telecom operations at Samsung, he stated that:

“The market for the smartphone is obviously slowing down a little bit, still growing,”

He added: “But there is much more than just a phone that you’re holding in your hands. When you’re using one of these new devices, this is more than a phone, this is your camera, your MP3 player, your TV, your recorder, it’s everything and more and more is coming.”

Also, he said: “A very important aspect of using your phone throughout the whole day is the battery and the performance. This phone is more powerful than any phone we have launched in the past, but it also has optimized software that will reduce the battery drain, and we have managed to put a larger battery in a smaller package.”


The Project Hero

As stated by Samsung, this Samsun Galaxy S7 project was stated as “HERO” after the adoption of S6 as “ZERO”. Now Samsung offering is, to overcome and compensate the consequence of S6, it’s also throwing new exterior devices, including a spherical camera that S7 can be connected to.


The Gear 360 feature is a revolutionary one with 2 back to back fisheye lenses to capture 180-degree image. Samsung is

also offering a range peripheral and central electronics to beat the heat with Apple.

Social media has already started creating awareness regarding this 360-degree virtual video streaming that allows the watcher to view a video dynamically from different angles.

Ayme says this, coupled with the Samsung Galaxy S7, Gear 360 camera, and Gear VR headset, gives consumers a “full ecosystem” of virtual reality. “Enabling users to create their own 360 content rather than just counting on it becoming available,” he says, creates a “time for expansion” for the industry. “Something that used to be only accessible to a few people with a lot of knowledge about computing and with very powerful computing engines is now available to everybody,” he said.


Samsung is now heading from zero to hero track and we hope for it to meet the expectations of the users this time and won’t lose the market. It is, though, being assured by the Samsung mobiles that they’re not going to face the same issues this time, as last year in the last launch of theirs, as they have deeply overcome their flaws and drawbacks.

It’s still though a great mystery that who is going to take the second lead as we’re also hoping for another big bang from Apple for iPhone certainly.

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  3. Social networks, including Facebook and Google’s YouTube, recently starting supporting 360-degree videos — a format used by virtual reality hardware, and which on regular computers and mobile devices allows viewers to dynamically alter the angle they view a scene from.

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