Re-Cycle Used Mobiles: Re-Economization

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  • Re-Cycle Used Mobiles: Re-Economization

“An economic crisis is a global issue” everyone knows that and understands it to some extent as well. But nobody actually pays heed to it. Economic crises or de-economization are just some random terms for people now. They say and they forget. We don’t realize that where our economy and its crises will lead us. If the things will be going this way and we won’t take any steps, it will collapse and there’s nothing wrong in saying that the economy will soon collapse and we all will go back to Stone Age.

This is not just a talk, it’s a global threat. So many causes are there giving rise to economic crises, one of which is e-waste too.

“By 2020, e-waste in South Africa and China from old computers will have leapt to as much as 400 percent of its 2007 levels, and by 500 percent in India. In China and India, the piles of dumped TV sets will be 1.5 to two times taller, while the mountains of old refrigerators could reach three times their present altitude, the report warns.” (Source)


What’s themobile-phones-waste-007-clickob point of discussion here is that cell phones contribute a lot in this global e-waste and particularly in Pakistan. Every year, in fact with launch of each new model of every single mobile, people rush towards it like bees for sweets. Everyone needs that brand new shiny crystalized body ribbon off gadget in hand, to show off or maybe for the sake of their fondness for new stuff and advance gadgets. Innovation has made us mean, advancement lads us to distortion… is it wrong to say? It’s a simple fact we must accept. Life has made easy with swift advancement I technology. This tech is going ahead leaving a giant monstRe-Cycle Used Mobiles: Re-Economization-clickober behind who will eat us whole one day.

Cell phones, or more appropriately, smart phones, being a breathing gadget in today’s tech world, atop the list. Without going into further time wasting details, I can only suggest to start recycling our old and used phones. There’s no harm in keeping an old phone till it’s capable of making & receiving calls and sending messages, which is the ultimate purpose, or a smart phone, which can serve as a good enough internet search gadget.

If it’s working, taking calls, making text done, Facebook-ing and Google-ing, it’s good enough to go with it and that’s it. If still, anyone is dying to have that shimmering body cell phone launched the other day, one can go for the option; sell or buy used mobile at cheap rates. This way you will help others and reduce a already heaping burden on economy, and the penurious person would get a thing needed badly. This way, we also do encourage people to buy used mobiles at lower rates. You will sell something you don’t need and one will get something needed, this cycle will help in re-economizing. This is in fact a procedure to recycle used mobiles which leads us to re-economization.

If people would stick to their old phones, or start re-selling them rather throwing away, this will lessen the burden of economy for sure as every year, billions of cell phones are manufactured to meet people’s respective need and it ends up in wasting more than 60% to 80% of last year’s manufactured mobiles in piles at street sides.

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