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Cars are love, not for only those fond of them, but for those they work as a basic necessity of life as well. In this remote age, being remote is a must thing. And what else could help you being remote more than cars? People have different perceptions and inspirations attached with cars and their brands. People see cars with different angles and they’ve loads of fantasies attached to them. For the sake of this fantasy, concept cars are also introduced. To satisfy the urge of customized and astonishingly featured car, the concept car is the best option, though expensive. But fondness has no price of course.

With the different sensitivities and insights around the world, we see it with different approaches. You can buy these cars, designing them as per your desire and wish. Cars have a long gone history and we can completely agree that cars back then in 1900’s were equally dashing and classy as they’re now. Though we see a lavishing and glamorous effects in cars of this age, but cars before tech times were honorably worth seeing and known.


This piece, Norman Timbs Special, 1948

Seems like a newly old concept car 😉

The color and shine are amazingly charming with the touch of prestige.






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Ferrari 250 GT SWB Prototype EW (1960)

It’s a one chick piece of 19’s and of course, the red color is always loved!


An angry faced 1961 Plymouth 01 04

1967 Ford Mustang


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1970 AMC Rebel “The Machine”

                                       Another piece of honor in red the love!

For The Love Of Cars 2

1975, Ford Landau Hardtop Press Photo (Australia)

These are a few of pretty hot cars collection and there are a lot more to die for. All the car lovers out there understand and know that for the of cars from 19’s, we talk our heart out and would do anything to get them :)

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