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  • Jobs in Pakistan- ClickOB
  • Find Job in Pakistan-ClickOB

Welcome to Pakistan.

  • High inflation rate
  • Expensive medical treatments
  • Expensive clean food and
  • Extinction of basic facilities

As the time progressing and we are entering into new era of science and technology , every other day new and new gadgets are calling us from showcases, how we can control our desires ?
Sometimes it looks impossible to maintain a minimum standard of life in Pakistan, having huge responsibilities both social and financial. In all these circumstances contracting economy, shrinking job opportunities, closure of industry, expansive education make the situation worse.

“Why it’s becoming difficult to find a Job in Pakistan?”

Find Job in Pakistan-ClickOB
Now days, finding job does not only depend on your education, there are many other factors which are equally important, for example have a strong reference, in-depth technical knowledge, fake experience ( newbie not welcome ) and good interview preparation.
According to Tribune, in fiscal year 2015 unemployment has gone to 8.3% higher which is highest in 13 years. If this trend keeps going by 2016 it will jump to 8.6% (400,000 new people) higher.
It has become a dream to get a government job, hardly any merit policy is being observed, people responsible for recruiting are themselves came from Sifarish culture. Most of the vacancies are already filled; they advertise the job to cover legal aspect.
If you ask what are the realistic approach, and how to find latest jobs in Pakistan? Answer is simple “Technical education “. It is useless to have piles of degrees (piece of paper) and you don’t know their implications. For example if know PHP, HTML, HTML5, CSS and even your background is commerce, most companies don’t bother, they want to see your work.

Lacking of research work in Pakistan is a big factor for recruiting robots. Books knowledge hardly considered in majority of the jobs. Therefore future oriented jobs are becoming rare.

Hajz Butt

Seeking the career in writing after completing her education. Hajz is passionate for work & life and admires creativity in everything around her.

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