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Choosing a suitable used car to drive in Pakistan sometime becomes a challenge. Pakistan has a unique market for cars,  here car price hardly depreciate. For example you buy in car in 2001 for a price of 7 lacs, if you go to market to sell it today , likely you will will get around 6 lacs, means after using 15 years price still remains same. For this reason big investor feel safe to invest in cars in Pakistan.

Same like buying used mobile in Pakistan, so much confusion arises when you talk to seller or search market for used cars. Here are some important points you should consider before you pay anything,

  • Verify car by sending message to 9966, write Registration number in your message. Alternatively you can verify online by entering car registration number
  • Take your car mechanic or the person who has knowledge to test engine etc. with you for complete examination of car. Many cars in market are re-painted and people claim that it is the original color, you can catch it only if you are experienced to judge it.
  • Car suspension is a major issue in Pakistan, because of bumpy and uneven roads most used cars likely to have suspension issues
  • Having scratches on bumper is so common issue, even you would find in new cars, so it is not a major problem if you look into the traffic condition
  • Condition of tyres is something to look for. Many new buyers want to replace tyres for safety.
  • Service History, a well maintained car always have some history of maintenance. It shows how a car has been used and care for. A good and responsible owner always keep the service history well maintained.
  • If you talk about price, this is something really varies in Pakistan. For example a good condition Toyota Corolla 2010 vary from 12 to 15 lacs depending on condition and accessories

To buy used cars in Pakistan basically required time and effort, as the market is full of cheaters. It is highly advised to buy car from a single owner, or someone who has been using this car for some years

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