Amusing Bicycle Facts

Let’s bring you some of the Amusing Bicycle Facts for teens and kids. Loaded with information of history, evolution, popularity, structuring, recreational cycling, professional cycling and much more of bicycles.

Cycling Evolution

  • Bicycle is a manual vehicle driven by user/driver with the help of pedals, with a set and 2 wheels. No fuel is required to keep it going except your own moving legs.
  • Cycling has got fame and eminence in early 20s with increasing trend of cycling clubs, camps and races.
  • Two or more people can ride Tandem bicycles at a time.
  • Bicycles are used for various purposes like courier delivery, racing, recreational purposes, transportation and a lot more.
  • Unicycles and tricycles though don’t have 2 wheels, yet sometimes refer to as bicycle.
  • In 1800s, the concept and prototype of two wheeled transportation was initialized and developed, from pushed powered bikes through mechanical crank that drives with pedals.
  • The word bicycle came from French word ‘bicyclette’. Before the word bicycle became popular, bikes were typically called ‘velocipedes’.
  • To efficiently use of their pedaling, cyclists use a high gear when going downward, a low gear when going uphill and a medium gear on flat surfaces.

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Now in 2015

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  • A bicycle characteristically transmits energy through a chain to the back wheels to move along.
  • Various brake types in bicycle are disc brakes, internal hub brakes and rim brakes.
  • Taking advantage of the smoother surfaces that roads generally provide, road bikes typically have thinner tires inflated to higher pressures than those found on mountain bikes.
  • Cycling competitions

Downhill-Mountain-Bike-Jump-ClickOBCycling is more fun when it comes to racing which usually includes time trials, BMX, mountain cycling, velodromes cycling, track cycling and other such competitions.

Tour de France

The most popular cycle race in the world is Tour de France that was held in 1903 over the period of three weeks, the annually changing route goes through the Pyrenees and Alps before finishing in Paris.

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Penny Farthing Bicycle

The early configuration of a bicycle type called Penny Farthing, featuring the forward wheel considerably greater than the rear. The name comes from the old British Penny and Farthing coins which represent the large and small wheels. In the later years of 19s, pneumatic tires came along with rear freewheel and coaster brakes.


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