7 Things You Must Check Before Buying A Used Laptop

  • 7 Things You Must Check Before Buying A Used Laptop - ClickOB

Hitting on a decision to buy a used item is always risky. Especially when you’re going to buy an electronic item or gadget as they can turn out out-of-order anytime without any prior notice J Jokes apart, we can face a number of issues which could shut your gadget down suddenly due to RAM, battery, Processor or any other software/hardware fault. For that reason, you need to be much more careful while buying a used laptop. So we made a comprehensive list of 7 things you must check before buying a used laptop to avoid any future complications. Even the risk of fraud or deception is always there. So you need to check these things to avoid this risk for your own good.

See What’s Inside

Just check out the model and other details to be right as mentioned and make a detailed analysis of laptop to the fullest. Also, check out the RAM, Processor, hard drive volume and capacity, Drives made, Speed of the system, Software’s installed and other such items to make sure the system is internally working alright.

Used Or Refurbished?

Also, make sure if the machine is actually used or refurbished. Sometimes the machine is just refurbished and people usually avoid buying such system. But logically the refurbished machine is a better option, as it has undergone the company and technical team treatment twice. Of course for the second time, they would handle it with more care. This way, you can get an exceptionally good laptop at a price of a used laptop.

Warranty Of The Machine

Do ask about the warranty of the machine and don’t forget to take the warranty card from the seller before making its payment.

Hardware Check

Ask the seller if there had been any hardware replacement in the laptop during its lifetime. If it did, then what and why? Make sure the same problem does not persist or pop up after some time again. CD-ROM should not be ignored as well.

Software Check

Also check if the Windows installed is original by the company or the owner reinstalled it? See if all the drivers are installed fully or no. Ask the seller for original drivers’ DVD as well for future convenience. Do check all the software that are already there in the system. Antivirus must be checked as well if any.

Take A Test Drive

It’s better to take a test drive before buying a car. The same way it’s better to take a test check before buying a used laptop. Here’s what you can do for the very purpose:

  • Plug in the laptop for charging and see how much time it takes to charge fully.
  • Unplug it and watch some movie (HD) on it to make sure about battery timings.
  • Run a few of software together and open things up speedily to check its speed.
  • Connect the internet and download a couple of things together to check connection strength capability.
  • Play songs to check the Speaker and sound quality.
  • Make a Skype call to a friend to confirm if camera and mice are working properly or not.
  • Spend at least 3 hours with the system to see its behavior.
  • Also check what accessories are available with that laptop.

These are the few tips you can try out while buying a used laptop. Rest, you can take steps according to the situation as well.

Last But Not Least; Why It’s Being Sold?

Things are not always as simple as they look like. Sometimes there are some reasons or more likely the hidden secrets behind the picture.  So you must dig out that why the laptop you’re intended to buy is being sold by its previous owner. Why is it no longer wanted? Is there something wrong with the machine or the owner is just fond of trying new ones. you can ask politely and even can judge the true reason for selling it.

Used Laptop – A better Option

Buying a used laptop has been witnessed as a better option than buying a new one by so many sellers and vendors who deal in used laptops and other second-hand gadgets. According to them, buying a used machine can save you a decent amount of money still fulfilling your need pretty good.

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