6 Life Saving Tips While Driving Your Car

  • 6 Life Saving Tips While Driving Your Car - Speed Check - ClickOB
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  • 6 Life Saving Tips While Driving Your Car 2
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  • 6 Life Saving Tips While Driving Your Car - ClickOB
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Everyone knows the scattered and seriously ruined condition of traffic these days in our country. Despite having infrastructural development, traffic is becoming uncontrollable with every passing day.

Note: Don't forget to read the tip safe driving Apps at the end, as biggest solution for safe drive!

Ignorant driving can lead you to death. Millions of people lose their lives in road car accidents every day due to any of the life seeking negligent driving acts. This may not only end up in losing your own life but also your family suffers more! If only, you do care and keep in mind some simple life-saving tips while driving your car, you can stay safe and secure from any unexpected injury or bigger damage.


Concentrate and Focus

I have witnessed many persons who do not concentrate while driving; they even start looking behind or turn their head when talking to the companion. This is so wrong that it can lead you to a fatal accident. Do not turn your head when you’re driving no matter who you are with and what you’re talking about. Keep concentration on the road and back view mirrors. This way, you will reduce the chances of being caught in an accident.

Use Bluetooth Or Car Mountsafe driving - ClickOB

When it’s essentially important for you not to miss a call, do use Bluetooth or car mount to respond to your calls. Do not receive a call by holding your mobile in hand as it can de track you from concentrating on the road.

Also do not ever and ever message while driving. If it’s really important, park your car at some safe and allowed place and then write your message.

Keep A Proper Distance

Distance is often not considered as a thing to be considered but believe it or not, if you keep a certain distance from cars around you, you can stay safe from hitting anyone or being hit by anyone anyway.

Speed Check

6 Life Saving Tips While Driving Your Car - ClickOB

Keep you driving speed steady, neither too slow nor too fast. It also depends on the nature of traffic and road.

For instance, you have to drive a bit faster on the motor way or highway than on normal public places and residential areas’ roads.

Patience Is A Must Have of Driving

driving - patience - ClickOB

While you cannot control others hundreds of people driving around you, what you can only do is to control your own self. Be patient if someone mistakenly hit your car, even if it’s not your fault, you can avoid the fight by ignoring a small mistake, and this way the offender might forgive the mistake of another person next time.

This circle of forgiving can grow bigger and bigger,

only if you consider and take these notes seriously. And maybe one day we could have the calmest traffic of the world.

An Exotic Idea Can Save Your Life

An Exotic Idea Can Save Your Life - ClickOB

You may find it an insane, but this idea really works. You can keep the picture of a person you love the most in the world at speed screen of your car. Maybe your spouse, kids, siblings or parents… Even a family pic will work best. This way, you will remember that you have a person or a family for whom you ought to drive with care and patience. All the above-mentioned points will easily be followed by you automatically and naturally and you won’t have to strive to remember these points.

Keep in mind that you have the power to keep traffic steady as well as calm. You can influence other drivers by following traffic rules and driving accurately as required. This way, others will follow you, not all of them, but a few maybe and there would be the least risk of accidents.

In recent accident stated by BBC, 36 riders killed, nearly 200 horses killed as well. This has to stop and the best way to prevent any accidents is remembering you have a family and persons around that love you. You can stay more than careful using this technique.

Tip App: You can use this app DriveSafe.Li, that stops texting while driving and distracted driving by letting users listen to text (SMS) and email messages hands-free! It’s a handy and helpful app preventing & ceasing a number of accidents every day to be happened!

There are a few similar apps:

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