5 Things to Buy Secondhand for More Benefit

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Buying a ribbon off brand new item is not always a good idea especially when you’re up to a new venture. Whether you’re changing your residence or getting another office branch, arranging a society club or need transport for these purposes, there are some things that you must buy secondhand for greater benefits.

There is the matter of dreams our youth have but most of them are not rewarded because of financial issues. Then there comes one of have-become-basic-necessity of life, a vehicle, or more specifically a car. For everyday chores, a personal transport is vital. There are some things to buy second hand or at least advisable to buy in use to save money, rather investing hugely in purchasing them new. These are those 5 things to buy secondhand for more benefit.


Books are the real asset of our lives. And in case, a book, old is always gold (except for course books obviously). So buying books can increase your wealth. But you don’t always need to buy the new book; you can get the old books from any old book shop or book fair. This way you will save a huge amount and can buy more and more books from savings. Or you can buy books and magazines in fewer amounts. It is advisable in fact to buy old books rather purchasing the new ones, provided it doesn’t have new versions launched.

Like a person working in Income Tax industry is not going to buy an old book as its versions keep on changing, so their demand is to get a new book.  Or a student is needed to get a new book for the sake of preparing in accordance with new paper patterns. But in most of the cases, old books even help the students as well, if the new version has a slightest difference in content.


Furniture is one of the most used items in a house, so does overlook normally. We do everything using it no matter if we’re reading, drinking, eating, sleeping, studying or playing. At the same time, it’s most mishandled thing in our homes. Have you ever seen anyone sitting on sofa softly so it won’t get hurt? Or ceased jumping on the bed to avoid misusing it? The only fear that stops us from jumping on bed with joy is actually of mom who would scold us for breaking or flouting it! Yes! We never care about the furniture items but do about mother’s rebuke or anger. That’s how we Pakistanis are J

The only way to make your mother relax and get out of this tension is buying used furniture. This way you can keep jumping on beds and sofas and keep you mom chill as you would have paid a bit for all this furniture stuff J No need to worry about your money being lost!


Though considered as luxury, in reality, car has become one of the basic necessities of our lives. Especially when you have a family, it’s not easy for you to travel or does daily life stuff sans it. You can alone use a public transport, but with family, specifically ladies, you have to avoid moving through local or public transport. There you need a vehicle, particularly car or a motorbike.

But there comes budget issue when buying a car. Either you don’t have budget for buying a new car, or you still can’t buy your favorite one in that budget. In all the cases, you have only one issue actually and that is “money”. At that point you can consider taking a used car. If you don’t want to, you still have to, as if you could afford to buy a new car, you wouldn’t be reading this article for sure.

So buying a second-hand vehicle will be the best option for you to get your need be fulfilled along with facility of moving peacefully with your family. Or even moving professionally, you will be considered more respected, though bitter but true reality it is. You can buy any car, any model and color, second hand on ClickOb.com easily. Select the most suitable one, contact seller, make transaction and get your car. Live happy with your family J

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments though not in great demand, as trends in our country, show that music is not taught as regular subjects in schools. But researches have shown that children who learn and play music have higher IQ level and are smarter than the ones who don’t.

Apart from that, you should let your children follow their dreams. If music is their choice or craze, you can go for used musical instruments to get them have whatever instruments they want without spending extra money on them. This way, they’ll learn and meet their fondness for music without financial pressure in mind. They will focus on learning only without thinking about price. You can have more used musical instruments in the price of a single brand new instrument.

Kids Toys and Games

Who on earth doesn’t want to do something for kids? One longs to gratify each and every desire of one’s children, essentially in their childhood. But along with rest of the products, prices of kids’ stuff has boosted with the passage of time. In this scenario, a wiser approach would be purchasing more toys in lesser price.

For instance, in the budget of 5k for your princess, what would you prefer to buy? A new doll house worth Rs.5000 or slightly used one for Rs.2500 with some other toys in remaining 2500 as well. Of course, you’ll go for the latter option as former doesn’t seem smarter enough.

Getting 3 or 4 secondhand toys in the price of a single new toy is way better for sure, or getting a single toy only for a fraction of that money. In all the cases, you’ll end up saving money if buy second-hand toys and games.

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